Robi 2GB 18TK Internete Fhire Aslei Full On Foorti

Robi brings the most exciting offers for the
customers who did not purchase any of the data
packs in last 90 days. These customers will be
able to avail the most exciting offer of 2GB @
only 18 taka!

To check eligibility dial 844490. Dialing to
844490 is free of charge.

Validity Activation Daily data disbursement
2GB 18 Tk
14 Days Dial 844490
Day-1: 18 MB+145 MB
Day-2 to Day 14: Daily 145 MB

3% Supplementary Duty (SD) , 15
% VAT on tariff inclusive of SD and
1% surcharge on base tariff will be

For usages beyond respective data
bundle, Pay Per Use tariff @
0.01/10Kb will be applicable.

After dialing the code, eligible base
will listen to the voice prompt and
after confirmation by pressing 1,
18 MB will be disbursed

immediately and within 1 hour
another 145 MB will be

To avoid any unwanted pay per use
bill, please wait at least 1 hour
after pressing 1 button
From 2nd to 14th day 145 MB pack
will auto recur on daily basis.

One customer can avail the offer
only once in the campaign period.

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