google adsense tutorial 2016

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The Google AdSense solution is used by millions of

web masters around the world. Some of them have

great success and good income, while others get

only a few dollars.

Here we will share some basic tips which are

known to help increase the revenue generated

through Google AdSense.

First, you should choose the advertisement block

format which best suits your web site visual style.

The experience shows that the 336×280 Large

Rectangle, the 300×250 Medium Rectangle, and the

160×600 Wide Skyscraper are the most effective

shapes. Still, you should mind the visual

appearance of your web pages when you insert the

AdSense code. If you have a little space for ads, the

best solution will be the link unit format.

Additionally, you should pick the most suitable color

palette for your ads block. If you have a light

background on your web site, it is better to use a

similar light palette for the AdSense box. The

contrast choice for an ads box palette is good only

for web sites with dark background. Still, it is better

to pick a color which already exists in your web


It is better to create an ads unit which includes

both text and images. In this way both will be

displayed and this will increase the chance to get a

click on an advertisement by a web site visitor.

Next, you should consider the location of the ads on

your web pages.

Probably the best position of the advertisements is

in the top / header of your site. However, this can

break the consistency of your content, so you

should be careful using such a solution. Other good

locations are just below the navigation bar, above

the footer and in the left menu area. You should

always put yourself in the visitors’ shoes and look

to the web site from their point of view. If the ads

block makes you feel uncomfortable while browsing

the web site, you should consider a different

position or formatting.

Additionally, you should define the number of the

advertisement units per page. There are some

restrictions about it. You are allowed to have up to

three advertisement units per page (in addition to

three link units and three referral units). If you have

a web site with a lot of content, which requires the

visitors to scroll down the pages or you manage a

forum or a blog, it is wise to put more AdSense

blocks. However, always make sure that the main

unit which will generate the major part of the

revenue is loaded first in the web site source code.

In case you wonder, if you place more than 3 ads

units on a page only the first 3 will appear.

Detailed instructions on how to improve the

efficiency of your AdSense blocks can be found in

the Google AdSense resources section:


Any problem go to video help


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