Android Marshmallow 6.0 New Features Full Review

Google Now Features Updated In Android 6.0 Marshmallow:

Let’s start with the new UI of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Marshmallow changed over Lollipop the home screens are set up the same way with new screens being added at your request with Google Now of to the left side. The quick settings are still just a swept away in even the settings menu is set up pretty much like it was before. If you’re coming from the stock lollipop, you should have no trouble finding your way around.
New Apps Permissions System On Android Marshmallow:

There are a few changes that are more notable than others the Application section in the settings menu has been changed to accommodate the new permission system. You can set now additional permissions on every app. Without your permission, no apps can access your camera, location or any others permissions. So, Android 6.0 Marshmallow will give you the max security on using apps or third party software.
New Colorful Animation Added On Marshmallow
Some of the more notable ones include the new Google search animations any more streamlined setup animations for opening and closing the app drawer and applications.
New Text Selection Option:

Text selection also got a slight revamp with a little box. That pops open with the usual set of controls.
The horizontal app drawer is most wanted feature in Android Marshmallow:

One of the biggest update after lollipop is the horizontal app drawer. The horizontal app drawer is pretty much fast from the part by part or page by page app drawer. Its also has a scroll bar, that allows to scroll up and down apps in app drawer. the new app drawer the horizontal app drawer which has ruled the day since the good old days of jelly bean is now gone replaced with a vertical app drawer. This loss for much faster browsing of your applications and put an end to schooling many pages horizontally to find the application that you want. In addition, you can now grab the scroll bar on the right side in scroll quickly to the applications with a letter popping up to know where you are in the list. We found this helpful if you’re looking for something quickly and it matches the kind of mechanics found in the Contacts application most music apps and any other application with a long list of items.
New App Search Bar On Marshmallow:

Perhaps the most prominent change is the addition of an app search bar at the top. Using this, you can quickly tapping a few letters and find the application that you’re looking for this is the quickest way yet to find something buried in the aperture and it’s definitely a welcome addition.7. ‘Doze’ Battery Life Saver: Google always tries to fix battery problem on Android. Many Android fans complain about battery life on Android device isn’t as good as it should be. Google’s latest attempt is called, “Doze.” In Android, M apps will be put into a deep sleep when the phone isn’t in use. Doze activates when your phone is unplugged, stationary, and the screen is off. It will periodically wake up to sync data, but most things will be asleep. No more battery drain while your phone is on your desk all day.
So, Guys This Was Some Notable Updates On Android 6.0 Marshmallow. If you guys want you can leave a comment I’m looking forward to hearing what you guys think. You can also share this article by share button. I’ll see you next time have a good one!

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