10 Interesting information that you don’t know about YouTube !


YouTube is the biggest video platfrom by Google Inc in the World . There are some interesting information about YouTube . In this post i am telling most 10 Interesting information that you don’t know about YouTube !

1. In the world, the equivalent of 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute .

2. There’s a video of cat videos on YouTube in 1894.

3. “Gangnam Style” dance video has been viewed so many times that it has been seen many times this feature of the YouTube counter or max limit and counter the new YouTube feature upgrades.

4. YouTube star “Grampi Cat” (a cat) to earn the amount of money which is more than the 2014 Oscar winning actress ginetha !

5. If you YouTube “Do The Harlem Shake ‘ search through the (Do the Harlem Shake), then with the YouTube search results page that you harlem shake , you may need to wait 5/10 seconds to wait for varying the speed of the Internet.

6. The more dislike (dislike) is wearing Justin Bieber’s YouTube video “Baby” song. The total number of dislike more than 44 million.

7. The world will shake and tear “Diary of Anne Frank” and the author of Anne Frank is a rare video footage on YouTube. Balcony railing, staring down to see a wedding scene, when the video was taken.

8. YouTube has a production house in Los anjelesa in America that you can use at no cost if your own YouTube channel has more than 10 thousand subscribers.

9. In 1998, Google founders Larry Page and Sergei brinake the woman rented her garage to use as Google’s office, and later he was elected CEO of Google. The woman’s name is Susan Diane ujasisaki.

10. 60 percent of the most popular videos on YouTube has been blocked in Germany.

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