What is Google’s drone? This year is coming?

With automatic drone help
Reach the product to the customer
The long-awaited research
Google is doing Regularly for this
Project ‘Project Wing’
The test is going on
They are Google’s parent organization
Head of ‘Alfabet’
Executive Officer Larry
Pages recently partners
Has sent a letter to
This letter is mentioned,
In the wing project this year
Surprising incidents happen. Last Wednesday
The project is in a blog message
Tell me about such information
Project’s Chief James
Ryan Burgess.
The latest in this project
Notify me about updates
Is that, Wing drone Intel and
Other like DGI
Builders’ Drones
With NASA and the Federal
Aviation Administration
A nationally managed by
Take part in the exam. Besides,
The wing’s build team is like that
Some have tested, of which
Wing through the drone
For yourself Alfabet
Important and profitable
Can take up
Robot Drone
A for management
The software has also been created, which is
Confronted with another drone
Can prevent the clash.
James Ryan Burges said,
Wing and other organizations
Thousands of drones in the sky
There are a few to be seen in the flight
In the year So they are
Creating a method
That’s just one another
Not to come closer
Rather choose the route for themselves
Can take it The software
Google Map, Earth and Street View
They will also use it
Wing started in 2012
Since the original design was lost
There are many obstacles including going away
Face down But they are now
And it’s not a matter of concern. It is clear
There is an indication of Larry Page
In the letter. The future of the drone
James Ryan’s
They also confirm the message
Have progressed a long way.
Analysts think, bigger
Surprising products can be
Transportation formally
With their drone technology
Announcement of coming For this service
E-commerce organizations
Excitedly waiting for excitement.

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