SEO – SEO Friendly URL Structure Get High Search Traffic

hi beginners,we was discuss about our seo guide.but we have more query to know about seo.if you are a blogger,you need to know about the seo friendly url structure.because of search engine optimization is a great platform for optimize our web directory.guys, more users are don’t know about right url structure.we was read about on page optimization, off page optimization, google search console, google keywords planner.please read my SEO related topics and then you can understand about the seo value.


What is URL Structure?

it’s permalink,every website have permalink for call the and every search engine read the permalink of a website.and read that have rules about website content limit.keyword research, on page optimization, focus keywords, descriptions, copy score and more.and google make there rules – whose website permalink e.g /topic.php?Id=5 it hasn’t a seo friendly was make there discussion and they also said that website post title,permalink,first paragraph must have to be friendly.but there have a + engine database have detected permission and they block the stop word into a post url structure.your website url permalink must be title friendly e.g /seo-friendly-permalink-instructions.html but you need to know about stop word,i will publish this article about stop word in next post.


Why URL Structure?

search engine can’t read videos but it can read the content or text.and website designing with html and there have engine read the content of a website.and remember, don’t use copy past method for post article into your website.googlebot will going every website that was submitted by google search console or google webmasters there have some thinks about the website content by text format.and search engine was said us to use html tag for a post title called headline.and there have descriptions sections, keywords sections, and tag section for website content value able testing.when your website content will be seo friendly structure and descriptions be seo friendly and you write your post using your own thinks then you will be success.but all the required include via post url structure.because of when you will going for change your website url permalink you just follow this type of url e.g /your-post-title.html means there must need to have post title same by the url structure section.then the title text and permalink be same and search engine think about this website a valuable website content.when they read all off the text from your website then there algorithm pick result to search engine.

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