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How To Get Google Adsense Approval Easily Within 1 days In 2017 (Updated)

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Kamal Ahmed Shanto › 2 years ago
Please follow these guidelines without fail, else your application will be rejected without any further pending approval. So here we go, the 5 very important guidelines to follow before applying to Google AdSense. CUSTOM DOMAIN: A lot of people get create websites through blogspot and free WordPress platforms to apply AdSense. but not get adsense. invest 1-2$ and take custom domain .com, .org, .net to increase the chances of your adsense approval. Must Read: How To Get Google Adsense Page Level Ad? WEBSITE MUST BE FAST , CLEAN AND RESPONSIVE: You need to choose a malware free and clean with fully responsive theme or template with faster loading. to more chances of adsense approval. MINIMUM POSTS/ARTICLES: Your website/blog in least 10 quality articles Original And Quality Content post with use relevant images where ever required. WEBSITE NICHES: Use quality niche aricles on Lifestyle, Enterpreneurship, Law, Social Media, Health, Internet Marketing, Business. Must Read: Can Google Adsense Really Convert Your Blog Into A Money Machine? Don’t use hacking, cracking, software, movie and illegal niche. CREATE IMPORTANTPAGES: You need to create Important Pages. because adsense wants to know your identity before you signup to their AdSense program. *.about us *.Privacy policy *.Contact us *.Disclaimer Policy *.Terms of Usage XML SITEMAP PAGE: Create a xml sitemap and Submit Your XML Sitemap In Google Web Master Tool. sitemap on your website can help search engine bots to index your website very faster. Must Read: 28 Ways to Make Money with Your Website THIRD PARTY ADS OR PROGRAMS: Make sure your website/blog in remove Third Party Ads. no third party ads in your website. don’t allow or place any other third party banner ad code on your website. adsense apply before clean your website
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