Electronics Extreme officially announced upcoming 2-2 classes arriving in Ragnarok Online MYSG on 14 March 2018

Yeah we know, it’s not often that we write news about games. But since we were invited to the relaunch of Ragnarok Online: Homecoming event last year, we got another newsletter about the game – Electronics Extreme, who is the current host for the popular MMORPG game, is excited to announce that the new 2-2 classes update is scheduled to arrive on 14 March 2018!

For those who don’t know, this is the second advancement option from the 2-1 classes, introducing the long-awaited Crusader, Sage, Alchemist, Rogue, Monk, Bard and Dancer class with their unique skills and abilities, adding more fun especially for War of Emperium which is a fan favourite among the players. According to the company, the upcoming 2-2 classes are just the tip of the iceberg of the whole picture, as Electronics Extreme is preparing more announcements throughout 2018 (maybe fan events?). We shall see so until then, below is the table of first classes that is eligible for the new 2-2 classes.

Courtesy of 99porings.com

For more information about Ragnarok Online (Malaysia and Singapore), you can get started on either of the links below:

Official website
Offical Facebook page
Official Facebook ROMYSG Group community
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