Add a contact form wordpress without plugin

Today I am talking How to Add a contact form WordPress without plugin. You can easily add a contact form WordPress site. Don’t need to install plugin. It’s just a form like your Log in and Register form. You can insert this contact form WordPress with out programing knowledge.

Check the from here contact form WordPress

Key feature of the contact form WordPress :

1. This is a simple and Stylish contact from .

2. You can Directly Received Mail from your Website .

3. It hes included advanced Spam Filter .

4. Human validation .

5. Email validation .( Please enter a Valid Email)

6. It’s not a plugin and no need to Install.

7. Ajax backed . Page Reload not needed. It’s save your bandwidth.

8. Error message (Email not send). Success message ( Mail has been send).

7. Customizable Message.

8. Easily integrated into any WordPress site.

9. Customizable CSS style.

10. It’s very nice to look.


1. First download the file and extract it .

2. Open the PHP file in notepad and press Ctrl+f from Kryboard
and fond {“Add Your Received Email here”} . Replace it with your Mail which
Received email from your Web.

3. Now Find {} . Replace it with your Defult Email of website
that you use to send mail from your Website.

4. Up load the PHP file in your WordPress Home directory .

5. Now visit http://your domain/wp-contact.php .Or http://your domain/Yoyr WordPress home directory/wp-contact.php You will see your Contact from here.

6. That’s end of installation.

Download The contact from here

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